offers the solution for decoupling frontend from backend. It stands for a flexible connection of production speed and stability in your digital value-added chain.
Realize your frontend projects in the shortest way possible by optimizing your development workflow. Logo

Flexibility and Stability connects to all existing systems and provides individual APIs for the frontend. This gives you maximum flexibility in your development process, without interfering with existing systems and workflows.

Individual GUIs and Contract Conclusions

Based on the available interfaces, you can create individual applications specific to your audiences and products in no time. By making early stage testing possible, assists you in creating solutions for your digital success.

Sustainable Modernization allows for the step-by-step modernization of your systems. Through the clear separation of frontend and backend systems, you can replace your legacy systems without dependencies.

Your Benefits


Visible digitalization from day one of frontend development, all without necessary changes to the existing backend.

Utilizing the latest web technology and deployment methods while maintaining all reliable processes.

Minimized risk and manageable investment when testing innovative concepts for customer interfaces.


We offer proven and tested operation and security concepts, in use by banking and insurance companies, and international enterprises.

Launch and select "best-of-breed" solutions for your company step-by-step.


Independent and parallel development through modern system architecture and separation of frontend and backend systems.

High efficiency through reusable and individually configurable frontend components.

Combination of existing services and continuous integration of a microservice architecture.


HDI Insurances is the solid foundation for a system that allows for the creation of individually configurable commercial insurances. Comprehensive decision guidance assists customers automatically when selecting insurance elements. By processing contract conclusions in-the-dark, "Firmen Digital" works quickly and efficiently while being completely connected to the system landscape of the company.
HDI Insurances

Uelzener Insurances makes the central gateway between frontend, existing systems, and rate calculation safe through flexible process logic. Thereby, the basis for a new infrastructure was built in an initial project, sustainably enabling new concepts on a modernized and well structured software architecture.
Uelzener Insurances
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