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Couper's lightweight open source API gateway designed to support developers in building and running API-driven Web projects.

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The Challenge of Digitalization

Existing IT infrastructures make it hard for many organizations to meet growing customer expectations while at the same time maintaining pace and quality.

The foundation:
your existing infrastructure

Having grown over the years, your existing infrastructure is likely to consist of different IT systems, functioning processes, and different teams. This living microcosm is the foundation of your digital products.

Companies have to provide flexible interfaces to their existing data and processes.

The demand:
convincing applications

Due to rapid technological advantages, changing social trends and large online platforms providing outstanding customer experiences, consumers nowadays have very high standards when it comes to digital applications and services.

To meet their expectations, companies must be able to bring appealing products to market quickly.

The challenge:
delivering quality in time

Adapting your existing infrastructure to steadily changing market demands can have a significant impact on your entire organization. All too often, this results in long development cycles and late product launch.

To clear the path for a sustainable digitalization, you need a flexible solution that allows you to bypass given dependencies.

Couper Supports Your Digital Journey

The Couper architecture creates a flexible connection between digital products and your existing infrastructure.

This allows you to retain proven systems and processes while building apps much faster and deliver immediate value to your customers.

Home-MobileExisting InfrastructureNew Digital Product

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Home-MobileExisting InfrastructureNew Digital Product
HomeExisting InfrastructureNew Digital Product

Developed for Your Needs

With 20 years of experience, Couper was developed to support your tactical customer interface development and at the same time enable your strategic system modernization.

Couper is precisely tailored to the needs of front-end development and pays special attention to the non-functional requirements of the customer.

Your Benefits with Couper

  • Included
    Gain fast and flexible development of single page applications through the provision of dedicated front-end APIs
  • Included
    Obtain architectural prerequisites for a parallel, step-by-step modernization of your back-end systems
  • Included
    Add security and observability to your project and meet all non-functional requirements.
  • Included
    Connect legacy IT and delight your developers with modern technology

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With 20+ years of experience, Couper solves your digital transformation challenges. We understand the complexity of modern markets and develop customized solutions.

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